Suvi Natural Multigrain Health Mix

SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix 500g ( NO SUGAR or PRESERVATIVES)


SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix 500g ( NO SUGAR or PRESERVATIVES)

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  • 100% Natural Multigrain Health Mix.
  • Contains Millet, Cereals, Pulses, Dry Nuts.
  • Best Nourishing Health Mix drink for Kids and All age groups.
  • Zero Additive | Zero Added Sugar | Zero Added Flavors and Colors.
  • Energy from Carbohydrate & Protein, Builds high Immunity from Vitamins & Minerals (Cereals, Pulses, Nuts).
  • Digestive Fibre lowers cholesterol & regulates Blood sugar Levels.
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SUVI Health Drink Mix is a nutritious mix of grains, millets, and nuts, and has no added sugar. The blend of Cereals and Pulses guarantees your body gets the correct protein profile. This wellbeing drink blend powder is a wellspring of Protein, Dietary Fiber, Iron, and B Vitamins. 100% normal, SUVI Health Drink Mix is made with entire grains, in this way holding all the natural qualities. An ideal breakfast food, SUVI Health Drink Mix is loaded with health advantages. Appropriate for the entire family, the Dietary Fiber keeps the stomach-related (digestion) framework happy, and the Iron from the natural ingredients is good for the blood, cerebrum, muscles, and for good Immunity building.

100% Natural Multigrain Health drink mix without additives, added colors, or added sugars.

Traditional Indian Health drink mix made of cereals and pulses & nuts that make it the most nutritious breakfast. which Gives full-day energy to the body.

Balanced Diet Meal: proteins for strength, carbs and solid fats for energy, common nutrients and minerals for insusceptibility building, and fiber for healthy a digestive system.

SUVI Health drink mix Lifts endurance, Stamina, and bones in developing Children & adults, also ideal for senior peoples as its easily digestible, profoundly healthy, and gainful for pregnant women and Newborn baby mothers.


4 reviews for SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix 500g ( NO SUGAR or PRESERVATIVES)

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  2. Thaheer

    Suvi products are very good 👍, products are tasty and good health

  3. Kumaravel

    All Products of SUVI Foods are Very Good

  4. Amjad Reza (verified owner)

    Healthy and natural products as compared to any branded products.

    Thank you.

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