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Frequently Asked Question!


We take utmost care starting from procuring, & processing cereals , Sanitizing premise to the daily inspection of employees.  All the workers are frequently inspected  for any COVID-19 symtoms. Periodical sage of Soapwash for hand and other exposed areas. We Use Gloves, wear Masks & maintain Social Distancing enhance our safety of the product.

Yes. You can feed our SUVI Natural Multigrain Health mix to Toddlers above one year of age. This product is Sugar Free , kindly Add sweetness like jaggery powder, jaggery or sugar  to taste.

SUVI Natural Health mix Contains Zero Added Sugar , any how based on their Critical Diabetic level they  can consume after consultation with their Physician.

Every single order is precious to us. We take lead-time of Maximum 48 hours to ship an order. Since these products are without any CLASS II Preservatives, they are usually prepared fresh to serve you better.

We pack our Products in the best possible cartons, with a lot of packaging materials  to avoid any damage to it while shipping & in transit.