SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix

How 1st Creative Ad from SUVI Foods Makes You a Better Health Conscious?

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SUVI Foods has recently released their 1st Creative Ad to target their audience, Who are all in searching for Natural Health Mix to improve their Immunity.

This Ad is made with very simple cartoon characters which clearly explain the full scene in 47 Seconds. Cartoon Ads are very Cost-effective and require less manpower and within 1 hour of in house studio production, these Ads can be Produced.

It is a very good initiative and idea from Mr.Prasanna Sharma SUVI Foods Founder and CEO.

He said in this critical Pandemic time, Launching our “SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix” will fulfill and ends the search of parents, Who Looking for a Natural Health Mix which helps them to improve their Immunity system of the family by having a Natural Nourishing Health drink daily.

SUVI Foods has launched “SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix” last week,

It is the “Right Product for the Right People to have in this Right time”.

To make a Right Communication to their audience, today they came up with this excellent Cartoon Creative Ad to explain the whole message as simple and powerful. Here is the Ad for your glance and review.

This Ad clearly says what SUVI Foods want their customer to perceive as “SUVI -Natural Multigrain Health Mix is made of 100% Natural ingredients like Millets, Cereals, Pulses, and Dry Nuts, also Zero Additives, Zero Added Sugar and Zero Added Flavor and Color”.

SUVI Foods create a Brand Perception in their Customer Mind as “Natural Food Manufacturer and Marketer, Always cater Healthy, Happy and Comfortable Product to the Households of India.”

This is one of the best move form SUVI Foods, The Company has earned hundreds of Retail & Trade Partners through this launch and expect more numbers will turn up by this year-end.Newer Natural & Healthy Food Products also being planned to target Health Conscious Consumers.

Now Families are more than happy to buy SUVI Natural Multigrain Health Mix”.

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